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Mcdonalds Chicken Nugget Recipe

There’s nothing worse than a craving you can’t satisfy. Especially now when you cannot get  McDonald’s chicken nuggets anywhere in Singapore due to the circuit breaker.

Therefore we are sharing a homestyle copycat recipe for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets!

We guarantee you it tastes as good or even better!

700G chicken breast with some chicken skin.  Adding some chicken skin keeps the nuggets moist and juice inside!
All these into the blender with the chicken:
Shape it into little nuggets:
Preparation of Batter:

  • Corn Flour 250G
  • Corn Starch 60G
  • Flour 60G
  • Baking Powder 5G
  • Salt 5G
  • White Pepper 2.5G

Deep fry till golden brown!

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